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This New Year, God has beautiful plans for you and your loved ones! The March 2024 Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris have been strategically orchestrated to bring you manifold blessings from Friday 15, Saturday 16 & Sunday 17, March 2024, @ 3p.m. (GMT+1) daily. You can register for this highly anticipated event here:

In the weeks counting up, there are avenues for you to adequately prepare for the March Healing Streams. These include:

Pray – Praying and interceding for the healing of the sick at the Live Healing Services.

Publicize – Organizing publicity outreaches with the Healing to the Nations Magazine and sponsoring the distribution of the magazine around the world.

Prepare places – Setting up healing centers, both in your city and beyond.

Partner – Sponsoring the global reach and translation of the Healing to the Nations Magazine and the Healing Streams Live Healing Services into all languages.

Through your participation with these 4 P’s you can change and transform lives all over the world, right from your city.

Wahila Wakle from India, a once vibrant mother, and wife, faced a challenging turn in early 2023 with a diagnosis of jaundice and right-hand paralysis. This significantly impacted her mobility and work performance. Determined to change this situation, she registered and participated in the October Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, where she experienced a phenomenal miracle!

Prayer, a potent force, possesses the capability to catalyze profound changes in your world within mere minutes. In anticipation of the March Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, the Healing Streams Virtual Center allows individuals to prayerfully prepare for the miraculous.

One exciting feature of the Healing Streams Virtual Center is the Prayer Clouds, offering a unique opportunity to tap into the supernatural. Here, clouds of prayers and prophecies are amassed in readiness for the upcoming healing services. To get started, visit, log in or create your virtual center, obtain a unique link, and organize prayer meetings with invitees, friends, and family. Ready to get started:

· Go to and log in to your virtual center or create your virtual center and get your unique virtual center link.

· Set a time for the prayer, and send your unique link to invitees, friends, and family, asking them to join you.

· Once logged in, select the “Join the Prayer Cloud” button and enable the camera to activate your prayer cloud video conference.

· The prayer sessions will be automatically timed for 15 minutes. The Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris promises to be a harvest of great miracles, uncommon testimonies, and special blessings!


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