My Partnership & Me

My name is Florence Sunguti. This is a testimony of my partnership with the Healing School. In the year 2018, when the Healing School Session was launched in church, I was so excited about it and I made up my mind to give big for it. On the day of remittance, I gave and exceeded my target for the Session partnership!

Later that day, we were supposed to have a program in church and I didn’t want to go home, because I knew I would waste a lot of time on commutation and may end up running late for the service. When the program started, my sister started calling me; I couldn’t answer the call because a talk show segment was going on. Then she sent me a text message, stating that I needed to come home urgently because my mum was not in a good state; she said my mum suddenly stopped breathing, her temperature rose and she was weak. Immediately I read this message, I just reaffirmed to myself, “My seed is on the altar.”

After the talk show, I went to the washroom to speak with my sister on the phone and ask about my mum’s state. When I called and attempted speaking with my mum, she was not responding; my sister had to put the phone on loudspeaker and inform me that my mum wasn’t responsive. At that moment, and conscious that there is no distance in the realm of the spirit, I started praying for her over the phone.

When I hung up the phone, the Holy Spirit brought a song to my spirit, ‘Healing hands; the hands of Jesus are healing hands.’ As I sang this song continually, another sister from church that was at the washroom at this moment joined me in singing; suddenly, she changed the song and started singing, ‘When we pray in the Name of Jesus, tell me who has the power to oppose; in the mighty Name of Jesus, we have the victory.’ This song was rhema for me. I had already prayed for my mum and I knew that at this moment, something had happened. We sang and celebrated, for we knew a testimony had ensued.

While we were still there, my sister tried calling me again, but I didn’t notice her call because I was carried away with the song of victory. When I picked my phone, I saw a message from her, which she had sent about 5 minutes earlier. She said they had to cancel the request for a taxi they made and are no longer going to the hospital because my mum suddenly started responding, breathing normally and moving her body.

This was a moment of jubilation for me; I was so excited because this was an instant miracle for my mum. I was conscious that I had given my partnership seed in the morning and it had gone ahead of me; my seed spoke for me! In that moment of rejoicing, I immediately made up my mind to increase my partnership with the Healing School, because I know what my partnership has the ability to do. Glory to God!

To you reading my testimony right now, if you are not yet a partner or if you don’t know anything about the Healing School partnership, I encourage you to partner with the Healing School. It will speak for you always. If you are already a partner with the Healing School, I encourage you to keep doing the good work because your partnership seed is speaking on your behalf.

- Sister Becky Stephens

I also use this opportunity to thank my man of God, Pastor Chris, for teaching us the Word of God. Thank you, sir, for giving us this opportunity to be givers in the House of God. I love you.

Florence Sunguti
From Kenya

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