My Partnership & Me

I joined the ministry in 2007, and I've partnered with the Healing School ever since. I’d love to share my testimony of God’s love and mercy towards me on this platform because I can boldly say that my testimony is as a result of my partnership with the Healing School. I am grateful to my man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, for teaching me the Word and blessing my life tremendously.

One day, I stepped out to do some transactions at the bank. As I stood by the roadside afterward to take a cab back to my office, I was unaware that an out-of-control SUV was speeding directly towards me. In an instant, the car sped right past me and I hit the floor.

People rushed to help me but I realized that I was totally fine. The car had run over my feet and I could see prints from the heavy tires on my shoes, but there was no pain, hurt or wound whatsoever. The onlookers marveled at how I had come out unscathed; some in the crowd concluded that I had some kind of protective charm, to which I responded, “Yes, my protection is my partnership with the Healing School.” Glory to God!

Torty Joseph
Christ Embassy Uyo, Nigeria

In partnering with the Healing School, you are a partaker of the unique grace at work in the ministry of our dear man of God, Pastor Chris. The Healing School Summer Session with Pastor Chris in Canada is ongoing; with the upcoming first healing service, it is the perfect opportunity for you to be a part of changing lives and destines. You can participate in the following ways;

• Prayer for the Session
• Invite Someone for the Session
• Give for the Session

Share your partnership testimony with us