My Partnership & Me

I joined the Christ Embassy in 2007 and I’ve been partnering with the Healing School ever since. Being a nurse by profession, I get inspired when I see people get healed of conditions that seemingly defied medical treatments. This was what spurred my decision to start partnering with the Healing School.

Ever since, I noticed that I don’t get sick anymore. As a matter of fact, we don’t go to bed without watching Healing School TV programs in my home. Watching those miracles have produced faith in us to constantly work the Word of God for divine health. The grace of God at work in me as a partner with the Healing School has taken away sickness and infirmity from my life completely. That same grace has produced divine health for me and my family.

I am grateful to the man of God, Pastor Chris, for this platform that has given me the opportunity to be God's outstretched arm to heal the sick. Indeed, the story of my life is of ever-increasing glory, tremendous growth in the Word and fulfillment of God’s purpose for me.

Kemi - United Kingdom.

Registration for the upcoming Healing School Autumn Session with Pastor Chris in Johannesburg, South Africa, is ongoing. This is an opportunity for you to take healing to the nations. You can participate in the following ways:
- Giving for the Session - Praying for the Session - Inviting the sick to attend the Session

• Prayer for the Session
• Invite Someone for the Session
• Give for the Session

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