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About This Session

The Healing School is a healing ministry of Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, which takes divine healing to the nations.

The Healing School August Session 2018 is scheduled to hold in Lagos, Nigeria.

To attend the Healing School in Lagos - Nigeria, kindly pre-book, as spaces are limited.
Please do not embark on a journey without confirmation of booking.
Kindly click on the registration link to book and endeavour to adhere to the instructions contained therein.

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There are several hotels in proximity to the Healing School Complex that...

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47 years old Nadya Kalathoor once had a great life until she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which lasted 20 years. During this period life became very difficult as she couldn’t focus on anything, or do things faster. Her only chance of functioning normally was total dependence on pills. Everyday this brought pain and sadness into her life and desperate for a permanent solution she visited the Healing School and completely healed.

Nadya Kalathoor


Siyabonga Chinga and his son Shaun were diagnosed with life threatening diseases, bilateral pneumonia and pulmonary tuberculosis respectively. One-year-old Shaun was restricted from running around because he could suffer an attack. He could not participate in school activities and he eventually stopped schooling. Shaun’s dad, Siyabonga suffered pulmonary tuberculosis at a tender age. He lived with this infectious disease all his life unitl he came to the Healing School

Siyabonga & Shaun


Dominic was once full of life until he was involved in a motor accident that brought his life to a halt. With a broken femur and severe injuries in various parts of his body, his survival was threatened beyond measure. Needing a miracle, he came to the Healing School and was gloriously healed. Today, he inspires faith in the hearts of many as he shares his healing testimony around the world.

Dominic Ogbuagu


Angelina Ohene’s heart was broken as the turn of events in her life kept leading to bone replacement. Sick with multiple illnesses, she couldn’t function normally and had to depend on crutches and couldn't walk, cook or do anything. With increasing side effects of swollen feet, dizziness, fainting spells, palpitation, and extreme pain in most parts of her body, life was miserable until she came to the Healing School

Angelina Ohene


Experiencing freedom for the first time in 25 years, 29 years old Ginikwane Chinemerem couldn’t be happier. Born without the aqueduct, she was crippled for 4 years, suffered abnormal growth in the head and lived with shunt in her body to help drain water. When the shunt started failing, the hope to be normal again was dashed. Touched by the healing power of God at the Healing School, her story was completely turned around.

Ginikwane Chinemerem