​Headline: The Miracle Faith Seminar in Nairobi, Kenya

2016-02-17 | 3,859 Views

Amazing testimonies were the hallmark of the Miracle Faith Seminar in Nairobi, Kenya. Hopeful and highly expectant, people in their thousands started to arrive at the venue long before the designated time.
The people worshipped the Lord with lifted hands, singing songs of praise. The anointing of the Spirit was tangible in the atmosphere as many glorified God with open hearts. Several who had attended the Healing School sessions came forth to testify of their miracles including Dominic Ogbuagu who was healed of a fracture on the right femur.
The host pastor, Pastor Ted Obieroma, exhorted the congregation on faith in God's Word as the key to divine health and to every kind of success. He further encouraged them to maintain their faith-filled confessions, regardless of circumstances.
There was a great harvest of souls as hundreds received Christ into their hearts and were graciously filled with the Holy Ghost. The presence of the Lord was greatly manifested and several people were healed by the power of the Holy Ghost. Eva Changu testified that she felt the unction of the Holy Spirit on her during the ministration, and she has been healed of ulcers and diarrhoea. Sharon Hera Aluoch also attested to being free from a severe cough and terrible chest pain. Glory to God!
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