2018-05-10 | 1,283 Views

Ever thought there’s a sickness more deadly than a heart condition? See the statistics below.

CVDs (cardiovascular diseases) are the number 1 cause of death globally. More people die annually from heart diseases than from any other cause. In 2015, WHO estimated 17.7 million deaths from CVDs, representing 31% of all global deaths. It’s evident, according to medical science that being sick with such a disease has a gloomy outlook.

However, the Healing School is that place where hopeless health conditions can become history. Peterson Moyo lived with an ailing heart for 3 long years. With each day, life became difficult as the heart disease worsened. It was certain he needed a miracle to live actively again.

In his pursuit for a permanent cure, he was introduced to the Healing School of Christ Embassy where his heart was revitalized after his encounter with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhlilome. He received his healing and his story changed. He is whole and back to work. He’s back to life’s routine again. Praise God!

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