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It’s getting colder outside, so it’s time to break out the sweaters and turn on the heat where necessary. As the temperatures drop, staying as warm and dry as possible becomes a major priority to help counter the effects of the weather on one’s body. Eating a warm breakfast, taking hot showers, or wearing sturdy shoes in cold weather make the difference between toasty comfort and shivering discomfort.

Below are some proactive steps to help you stay warm and flush with health throughout the seasons.
• TAKE COVER: Dress for the weather by laying up your lovely outfits with cardigans, coats, hats, mittens, or a scarf when outside. Sturdy boots and other covered footwear will keep your feet warm and dry during this period, especially when caught in an unexpected downpour. It’s also handy to always have an umbrella with you.

• WARM SHOWERS ARE GOOD FOR YOU: A warm shower brings instant warmth and cheer when it’s cold. The steam allows the body to reach its average temperature while opening nasal passages and removing germs or bacteria. Don’t make the water too hot to avoid dry skin and hair breakage.

• EAT A BALANCED DIET: Warm homemade meals are always the best choice, so try as much as you can to avoid fast foods and unhealthy snacks this season. Consuming balanced and nutritious meals is essential, as they give your body all the support it needs to stay warm and fight off infections. Make your meals and snack time more colorful this season by increasing your quota of veggies and fruits, especially those packed with vitamins C and D. They are not only delicious but also great at boosting the immune system and quite effective against harmful bacteria. Also, consider adding more soups to your meals. Broths are a quick fix with great nutritional value that keeps you warm, hydrated, and sated. Chicken soup is particularly beneficial during cold weather and can quickly reduce upper respiratory infection symptoms.

• STAY HYDRATED: Water is called the nectar of life for a reason. Staying hydrated is essential because cold weather dries up the sinuses and narrows your blood vessels. Drink at least, six to eight glasses of water daily, even if you’re not thirsty. Doing so keeps the skin, nails, and hair hydrated, and also helps the organs work properly.

• REGULATE AIR-CONDITIONED ROOMS: To avoid lowering core body temperatures, regulate your air-conditioned room temperature to between 64 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (17 to 24 degrees Celsius) before you enter.

• CLEAN YOUR COMMUNICATION DEVICES REGULARLY: Many microorganisms can stay on the surface of your digital devices for up to 8 hours, and some can survive longer. Your phone, computer, keyboard, and ear pods need more cleaning than usual this season, so clean them at least once a day with disinfectant wipes; do it more frequently if you can.

• STAY ACTIVE: Intentionally find ways to exercise in warm spaces during this period. It will help you keep warm and boost your immune system by quickening the circulation of white blood cells that fight off the common cold and other infections. Exercising will also improve your mood and help burn up some calories from all that healthy food you may consume. You’re all set! But always be conscious that eternal life is at work in you, and you radiate divine health at all times.