Before You Come



Attending the Healing School is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. However, there are certain requirements that you must meet to receive the confirmation to attend. Please carefully read the requirements outlined below.

Evidence Of Illness - This is a vital requirement of the Healing School; students are to come with their medical reports and any other supporting evidences like gadgets being used, medical prescriptions, medications, etc. They are required to bring them for on-site physical verification.


Visa Aid

The main requirement for acquiring a Visa for Nigeria is a “Letter of invitation” containing the description of the program you are attending, the venue and the dates of the program. However, citizens of USA, United Kingdom and most European Countries are Visa exempt.

Kindly make a request for a “Letter of Invitation” by sending an email, with a scanned copy of your medical report, to: [email protected]



Nigerian Naira is the prevalent currency used in Nigeria. Other foreign currencies can be exchanged at the Bureau-de-Change on location at the airport, either through the use of your bank card at any of the ATM machines or at the various shopping malls.
In the case of a credit or debit card, kindly check with your bank to ensure that your card is usable in Nigeria, as some may not be acceptable or cannot be used in Nigeria.