More Students Testify at the Fourth Healing Service

2016-04-24 | 6,279 Views

Wonders and miracles are hobbies of the Lord. He has done so much for us, and former students of the Healing School continue to testify of their amazing miracles.
At the Healing School, Louis Banda was healed of Non Hodgkin lymphoma, a condition that forced him to live in difficulty for a very long time. He was full of life as he came up the stage with his mother to testify of a new life that is free from pain and sickness.

Yolande Forkwa spoke of her healing from cervical cancer, kidney problems and multiple fibroids. Crippled and hurting, her life was on a downward spiral until she heard about the Healing School. With just a touch of the anointing, she was freed by the power of God. Now, she no longer has need of daily medications, and she can walk without aid. She couldn’t hold back her heartfelt gratitude to God as she happily narrated her experience at the Healing School.

After being paralyzed for almost 4 years, Duduzile testified having been healed of a spinal cord injury. Totally healed and transformed, she is now a living testimony of the awesome power of Christ!

The atmosphere was alive with anticipation as the students awaited the arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris.