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My name is Sister Eke Patience Ifeanyi. About 6 years ago, I lost two of my grown younger sisters mysteriously. A year later, I also lost my mum as a result of a painful swelling on her left breast for which the doctors had no diagnosis. One afternoon, exactly a year after my mum’s death, I felt a very sharp pain on my left breast; the devil reminded me of what happened to my mum and told me how people will miss me and what I will be remembered for; even when I reminded him that I am a child of God, the devil reminded me that my mum and siblings were also children of God but they still died.

I loaded myself with God’s word. I listened to several of Pastor Chris’ messages and took every teaching, refusing the thought that the devil was putting in my head. At this point, the pain would come and go. One day, the pain became very excruciating and I remembered that I was a partner with the Healing School. I immediately got a hold of the Healing School magazine and began to take the Faith’s Proclamations. Every night, I took the confessions and my faith grew. I continued in this for a whole year until one day, I realized that the pain had gone and I could dress comfortably. Just like that, the pain has gone forever!

Truly, when we allow the Word of God to grow mightily in any situation we find ourselves; it prevails. It prevailed in my life and I want to sincerely thank my man of God, Pastor Chris for teaching us who we really are in Christ and giving us the opportunity to partner with the Healing School.

- Sister Eke Patience Ifeanyi