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Over the years, the Healing School Cyber Church has championed God’s dream to take His presence to the nations of the world. Through this ministry, millions from varied walks of life have had their lives restored, hopes revived and destinies altered by the Word of God and the demonstration of His power. The Healing School Cyber Church is a place of dynamic fellowship with the supernatural.

Members of the Cyber Cyber have proved, beyond doubt, the liquid love of Christ that flows in their hearts. From hosting outreaches and programs to community development projects and other humanitarian services, countless lives have been given new meaning as a result of Cyber Church activities.

One of these events was a hospital outreach in Mongolia organized by Nergui Shagdasuren. Nergui translates the Healing School Magazine to Mongolian, and she had this invaluable material with her as a tool for ministering the Word of God and the Gospel of healing to the sick. She distributed the magazines across the hospital to patients and medical staff and all were glad to receive this gift.

As the ministration continued, Oyunchimeg, a patient in the hospital, miraculously received her healing from a brain condition. Today, she’s free and alive to God, an active member of the Healing School Cyber Church, and is blessing many with her testimony and the Healing School Magazine.

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