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The Healing School Prayer Network is an assemblage of saints around the world who come together to intercede and take a stand for God's people, especially for the sick through prayer.
This platform has been an awesome opportunity for people from all walks of life to connect their faith with other Christians to make a huge impact through prayer. The testimonies have been proof that prayer works!

Connie Plaakie from South Africa: "I joined the Healing School Prayer Network in April 2020 after a friend's recommendation, and the results have been amazing. My life has been from glory to glory and from grace to grace. I became more spiritually strengthened than I ever was. My prayer life received a spark and I've received answers to many of my heart desires. My family has been in health and everything is in order. This journey with the Healing School Prayer Network has tremendously transformed my life."

"As a health worker who was exposed to coronavirus patients, I had some fear in me, and I experienced difficulty working with my patients. The Prayer Network developed my faith in God's Word and I began to think differently. The prayer times were so full of power. Despite all the work I did with the patients, when I was tested for coronavirus, the results came out negative. God protected me from the virus. I continued my work without any fear. I thank God for divine protection and for having the privilege to make power available at the Healing School Prayer Network," shares Pinkie Tshabalala from South Africa.

Midah Mabunda from South Africa: "Each time we prayed at the Healing School Prayer Network, I always got a testimony. My faith has grown to a higher level, and my passion to pray has increased. I've learnt more of God's Word from the live sessions, and it has fortified my faith in the Lord. I thank the man of God, Pastor Chris, for this wonderful opportunity."

To be a part of the Healing School Prayer Network, please visit: www.enterthehealingschool.org/prayer


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