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Lene from Norway: "I want to testify to the faithfulness of God in my life and in my daughter's life. Her name is Victoria and she's 14 years old. She suffered from a condition called Rett syndrome, a state where she needed help for practically everything. She had difficulty moving her body. As we participated in Healing Streams regularly, I started noticing changes. Before, she could barely stand without assistance. Now, she can move and do things by herself. I thank Pastor Chris for the opportunity to watch Healing Streams. I also want to thank Healing Streams partners for blessing us through their sponsorship."

Evon Pinho from Canada: "In the Year 2008, I was diagnosed with synovitis, a condition that weakens the synovial membrane in the knee. I suffered from this for 12 long years. It affected me physically and emotionally, as I had to rely on the people around me to get things done. My story changed when I participated in Healing Streams. Now, I'm healed!"

Nmeje Allwellson from Nigeria: "I got healed of chronic inflammatory polyneuropathy disease while watching Healing Streams. I had to go in for plasmapheresis because I was subjected to a wheelchair. On a weekend, I participated in Healing Streams. By the next morning, I could walk without aid and since then, my life has been from glory to glory. I can do everything I couldn't do before. Thank you, Jesus."

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