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Elizabeth Ojesi from South Africa shares: “For months, I was sick with costochondritis, suffering severe pain. As a result, I couldn’t breathe normally and I was mostly stressed. Later on, these complications led to depression, anxiety, and more pain in my chest area. During the night, it often felt as if the bones in my body were crushing against each other; the pain was so unbearable. I cried most nights and this hampered my sleep pattern. Even during daytime, I couldn’t do most things, I couldn’t work. I heard about the March Healing Streams Live Healing Services, so, I decided to participate. Finally, the time for the ministration came and Pastor Chris by the leading of the Spirit said to touch the screen as a point of contact as he prayed. I acted immediately; with so much faith for my miracle. Truly, I received my healing! Glory to God! All the symptoms faded away. The chest pain disappeared. The depression vanished. And now, I can do the things I couldn’t do before. I enjoy my night rest now. I thank God for using the man of God, Pastor Chris, to heal me. I love you, Pastor Chris,” she added.

Greg Ofome from Nigeria testifies: “In preparation for the Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, the Holy Spirit instructed me to snap my wrist and keep it as a record for my testimony. Prior to the program, I had a lump on one of my wrists. It had been there for about two years. It was significantly different from the other one. On day three of the program, Pastor Chris specifically mentioned my case as he ministered. He said, ‘something like a boil is dematerializing now!’ I seized that Word and I kept confessing in accordance. Though, I was still seeing the lump, I kept speaking my healing. Three days later, I was about to continue my confession when I suddenly realized the lump had disappeared; without a trace. Glory to God forever! I thank Pastor Chris for this life-changing program. God bless you, sir.


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