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Billions of people have been impacted through the Healing to the Nations Magazine. The healing works of Christ have been made manifest and many have received healing and countless testimonies.

Madeleine Akue from the United Kingdom testifies: “The Spread Faith Campaign has blessed me personally beyond words. Some time ago, during one of our Healing School Ambassadors’ morning prayers, we were encouraged to actively participate in the Campaign. This drove me to devote more time to studying the Healing to the Nations Magazine for myself. The Magazine does not just contain the testimonies of individuals, which are already blessings, it's also seasoned with exhortations from Pastor Chris, daily health tips that could be put into practice to avoid any self-made sickness, and very informative and educative articles. I've consciously developed a culture of getting my daily dose of inspiration from it. I am happy that not only have I impacted the lives of many through the Spread Faith Campaign, my own faith has also grown significantly. Thank you, Pastor Chris, for giving us the best in ministry.”

Bonhoun Hervé from Benin Republic shares: “I'm a member of the Healing School Cyber Church and for me, the Healing to the Nations Magazine is the proof that the same Jesus who healed during the Bible days is the same who heals in our days. Going through one of the editions of the Magazine, I had my faith really stirred by the amazing healing testimonies. Also, my convictions about healing upgraded. Now, I know how to use the authority in the Name of Jesus to proclaim healing and health on my body and in the lives of those around me. Thank you, Pastor Chris, for the teachings from the Healing to the Nations Magazine."


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