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In Ghana, a member of the Healing School Cyber Church, Cynthia Jackson, organized a healing outreach in Obuasi Government Hospital with the Healing to the Nations Magazine, which is a dynamic tool for birthing healing and propagating the glorious Gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth.

Sign up to sponsor the Healing to the Nations Magazine @ www.enterthehelingschool.org/spreadfaith Expanding the reach of the Healing to the Nations Magazine are passionate men and women all over the world. They leave no stone unturned in ensuring the magazine is delivered to everyone possible, joyfully taking it to the busy crossroads of life, such as hospitals, city centers, shopping malls, prisons, and so on.

Countless testimonies abound of people who received a copy of the Healing to the Nations Magazine through healing outreaches, read it, were inspired by it, and saw the manifestation of God's healing power in their bodies. For some, this magazine came to them in the nick of time and it became an agent of hope and restoration in their circumstances.

Such testimonies speak to the need for the continued spread of the Healing to the Nations Magazine. This gracious opportunity for healing and miracles was extended to the sick and healthcare workers through the healing outreach in Ghana. Cynthia went from ward to ward, introducing God’s Word to the people, and ministering healing and salvation to all.

She showed them amazing testimonies of people who had received healing and uncommon testimonies, impacting faith in their spirit while sharpening their minds to take a hold of the eternal verities contained in the magazine. It was a time of visitation and divine intervention for all who were reached and a testimony of the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ in the nations of the world. Be a beacon of light by sponsoring the distribution of the Healing to the Nations Magazine to more people around the world. Visit: www.enterthehelingschool.org/spreadfaith


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