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The Healing to the Nations Magazine is a resource with life-transforming articles that inspire and inform. It stirs faith in the hearts of readers, equipping them with the truth of God’s Word for healing and divine health, and salvation.

Nolitha was admitted to a hospital in South Africa because she had internal bleeding. Her family was worried about her health condition. Then, her cousin received a copy of the Healing to the Nations Magazine from a friend and when she read the testimonies and confessions, her faith was stirred. She decided to share the magazine with her. From then on, Nolitha began to make bold declarations daily, thanking God for her healing and proclaiming to her body that the life of God is at work in it. To the glory of God, her body began to respond; the bleeding stopped and she was healed of every infirmity. Praise God!

In 2014, Harriet from Kenya suffered from mental illness. She would literally feel air entering inside her head, then her head would feel hot and cold at the same time. Due to the instability, she couldn’t hold a job or keep friends. She got a copy of the Healing to the Nations Magazine and she started studying it. One night, she felt someone lay hands on her head but when she woke up, the only thing touching her was the Healing to the Nations Magazine. Right there, Harriet knew she was healed. After that, the disturbance was gone. It’s been a year now. Harriet now has a steady job, and she is doing everything with full concentration. Thank You, Jesus!

The Healing to the Nations Magazine has recorded tremendous results and impact with billions of people reading it monthly. It is indeed a blessing to so many lives.

Join this phenomenal move to take God’s healing power to the ends of the earth. Organize a healing outreach today and gift one hundred people with copies of the Healing to the Nations Magazine.

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