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The significance of the number 8, often associated with new beginnings, beautifully aligns with the essence of Your Loveworld Season 8 Phase 1.

Pastor Chris will continue talking about Christ, the Word, the Spirit, and the mysteries hidden in the scriptures. Participating in Your Loveworld Specials is a great opportunity to get more insights into the Christian life and faith.

Past episodes of Your Loveworld Specials have been moments of profound revelation from God's Word, offering insights into global events through the lens of prophecies found in the Holy Scriptures.

This remarkable platform of knowledge has enlightened the Church of Jesus Christ regarding its role as the second coming of Christ draws near and its authority in establishing God's will in every nation and territory across the world.

Another special episode is set to take place from Wednesday, September 20 to Friday, September 22, 2023, at 7 p.m. (GMT+1) daily. This eagerly anticipated series of insightful teachings will be broadcast live on www.healingstreams.tv and the Healing School Mobile App.

Through Your Loveworld Specials, revelations about illicit activities of the deep state and other nefarious plots against humanity and the Church of Jesus Christ have been uncovered, helping viewers stay ahead of these evildoers.

This episode promises to be no different. Get ready as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome unveils what you may have considered ordinary but is, in reality, a divine agenda. Over these three days, prayers will be offered for every nation, the ethereal worship led by the Loveworld Singers will elevate spirits, and Pastor Chris will minister the Word to a global audience.

Prepare for an illuminating journey in the spirit, offering another opportunity to deepen your understanding of God's Word. Pastor Chris will share insights into the current season and your role in making God's favor a reality in your nation.

This is God's appointed time for your nation, a season of divine favor. However, you have a vital part to play in bringing this to fruition. Discover more at Your Loveworld Specials Season 8 Phase 1!

Clear your schedule and make room to participate in this timely event. Spread the word and encourage everyone you know to join in, receiving seasoned words and special blessings.

For additional news updates, download the Healing School Mobile App from the Loveworld App Store @ www.lwappstore.com


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