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Swimming is an all-round bodily exercise which tones virtually all body muscles, especially the arms and thighs. It is also a perfect way of cooling-off after a hot day during summer or the dry season. Although most people swim for pleasure, the exercise is loaded with lots of health benefits.

• Swimming is an effective program for shedding excess weight. This works perfectly as substantial amounts of calories are burned during swimming sessions.

• Arthritic patients can engage in swimming as opposed to land aerobics because water buoyancy helps reduce pressure on joints. This will help them build up strength, relax sore muscles and ease stiff joints.

• Swimming helps reduce the level of bad body cholesterol which is a key contributor to heart diseases. In addition, it enhances the endothelium - the cell lining of the blood arteries. It also aids blood circulation in the body.

• Asthmatic people can also engage in swimming, as moist air during swimming helps improve their condition and breathing technique.

• Swimming can be rewarding for people living with diabetes by helping them lose sizable amounts of calories, manage blood sugar levels and keep them fit.

• Regular swimming is good therapy for improving one's mood. This is achieved through the release of endorphins – a 'feel good' body chemical. Swimming can be a good way to eliminate stress, as it helps you relax - calming your mind and nerves.

Caution: Please take swimming lessons before you dive into the pool for the first time.


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