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Did you know that the state of your skin may be an indicator of just how well you take care of yourself? As the largest organ in the human body with functions such as protection, temperature regulation and excretion of waste products; your skin requires constant care and attention.

Each layer of the skin is necessary for maintaining your overall health. Excessive exposure to sunlight, use of harsh chemical products, poor diet and ill health are some conditions which can easily cause changes in the state of the skin.

1. Fill your diet with fruits and vegetables which are great for the skin, hair and the nails
2. Keep your daily intake of water up to at least 1.5 liters (about 6-8 glasses)
3. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol intake
4. Exercise is great for flushing toxins from your system; it gives you that healthy glow because it boosts blood circulation and triggers the renewal of skin cells.
5. Sleep is good for you: A good night’s rest can help you avoid puffy eyes and dull, sagging skin.
6. Use sunscreen with at least SPF (sun protective factor) 30+ liberally over your skin when you have to go out in the sun to prevent sunburn.
7. Moisturize: A good moisturizer can help increase your skin's surface elasticity and prevent the formation of wrinkles. Preferably after your bath and when necessary during the day.


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