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As the body's largest organ, your skin acts as a mirror to your overall health condition. In other words, it reflects how well you take care of yourself. It's also an organ that requires constant care. More than just an organ, our skin also keeps our internal organs protected and contributes to the way we look and feel about ourselves. It's also the first body part to really show aging, depending on lifestyle and protection from the sun. The skin is made up of several layers, each contributing to its overall health:
1. The top layer is called the epidermis. This layer contains pigments that give skin colour. Epidermal cells continually regenerate throughout our lifetime, usually every 28 days.
2. Under the epidermis is the dermis, which contains blood vessels, nerves, sweat and oil glands. The dermis contains elastin and collagen, which contribute strength and elasticity to the skin.
3. The final layer, known as the hypodermis, is made up of fatty tissue, which gives the skin structure.

Looking After Your Skin From The Inside Like most other things, what you put in will show on the outside. What you eat and drink contributes greatly to the health of your skin. Looking youthful and wrinkle free is possible with proper attention. A nutritious diet is very important, particularly eating 'skin friendly' foods such as fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water, and reduce caffeine and alcohol intake to help your skin maintain its glow. Regular exercise boosts blood circulation and triggers the renewal of skin cells. Maintain healthy and adequate sleep patterns and minimize stress. Puffiness and sagging skin under the eyes are easy indicators of sleep deprivation. Sleep is the only time the skin can rest and repair itself. When you lack adequate sleep, it makes wrinkles worse.

Looking After Your Skin From The Outside
Use sunscreen. Sun protection is the most important element of external skin care. Excessive sunlight can damage the epidermis and create wrinkles. Dry skin is more likely to show up fine lines. A moisturizer will help increase the skin's surface elasticity. Use moisturizers that are pleasing to the skin. Seek shade. Avoid the sun between 10am and 2pm, when the sun's rays are strongest. Wear protective clothing. Cover your skin with tightly woven long-sleeved shirts, long pants and wide-brimmed hats.


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