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Healthy living isn’t a quick ix. It is a conscious lifestyle practiced, consisting of daily choices and habits that contribute to giving you a well-balanced life. The secret to the big picture lies in the small details. Here are a few things you should pay attention to when you consider lifestyle choices that will ensure healthy living.

1. Keep a clean environment.
The state of your environment influences your state of mind and health, and even the elements you attract to yourself. Unclog your space and put all items in their proper places. Schedule periodic cleanings and maintain sanitary standards always.

2. Eat well.
Eat properly cooked meals, avoid junk food and processed foods (include examples here---Note: this is a suggestion). Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. Always eat a balanced diet; your body needs a lot of nutrients from different food types to function optimally. Also, regulate portion sizes and snack healthily.

3. Stay hydrated.
Drink a lot of water throughout the day, starting with one full glass first thing in the morning. Water helps your body refreshed, replenished and repairs itself as needed.

4. Exercise.
Physical activity is important for everyone, regardless of weight or health condition. Stay in shape and active. Stretching your neck, back and legs in the morning is particularly helpful. Take a fifteen-to-thirty-minute walk every day.

5. Sleep and relax.
Inadequate sleep affects your body in many ways, including increase in stress levels, reduction in brain functions, weight gain, depression, etc. Take afternoon naps, if possible, and watch less TV so you can go to bed early.

6. Take extra care of your body.
Cultivate and maintain healthy, sanitary practices. Take care of, and protect, your eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin, following approved measures for hygiene.

7. Kick harmful habits.
Healthy people don’t smoke, neither do they drink alcohol nor take too much caffeine.
Don’t watch TV for too long, don’t skip breakfast or eat late at night… the list is endless. Examine your routine and remove unhealthy practices, then replace them with healthy ones.

8. Enjoy life.
You have been called to a life of enjoyment and abundance (John 10:10). Don’t worry about the little things, learn to laugh and smile more.

9. Be kind.
Nothing beats doing something good for someone else. An act of love, kindness or generosity will go a long way to help you destress and be more thankful for what you have.

10. Have healthy relationships. Appreciate the people in your life; let God’s love flow to all around you. Forgive easily and quickly. Avoid feelings of bitterness, anger and resentment toward others.


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